Will FS22 support mods?

Hello, Farming friends.

Recently we found some rumours, that Farming Simulator 22 will not support mods. We are hurry to inform, that is not true. Farming Simulator 22 will support mods. So let’s talk more about mods. Game creators do not provide a lot of information so far, but something we know.

All Farming Simulator games supported mods, so not the exception for the FS22, which is also supported mods. People preferred a modded game and game developers hear it. Farming Simulator has a really big modding community and every single game has tons of mods.

If you interested in modding documentation you must wait a bit. The developers don’t want to reveal the details of the game when is in progress. We hope developers will share mods documentation before the release date.

A new technology

Farming Simulator 22 will use new technology. This is texture streaming. This is one of the optimisation things. That means the game will load only necessary textures around an object and reduces computer resources to load textures. Older Farming Simulator versions graphically reproduced AI workers and AI traffic movements even these objects wasn’t in your view. In the new game, this situation is changed. When AI worker will behind the scenes, the game will not render these objects graphically. However, the computer will make some calculations and you will able to see the live AI worker icon on your map. This optimisation is good news for lower spec computer owners. You can expect better FPS even your PC is not the newest. Also, if you play Farming Simulator 19 with medium or high graphics, likely you will play FS22 without any hardware improvements.

Mobile compatibility

Some people talk about FS22 on mobile platforms, like Android, Nintendo Switch or IOS. In short answer Farming Simulator 22 will not support mobile devices. The new game will support only major consoles (PS, Xbox) and PC. If you have the newest consoles, like PS5 or Xbox S you can be sure that FS22 will work. Is it possible to see FS game on mobile devices in future, but developers do not have any plans at the moment. Loyal FS fans know that even number (22) is dedicated to Farming Simulator mobile devices. But at this time is the exception and this game is for PC and major consoles.

We hope you enjoyed this article and we promise to share more details about the upcoming game in near future.