Farming Simulator 22: 22 tips and tricks for realistic game

In this article, we will cover the most important tips for playing Farming Simulator 22. These tips will save you time and avoid mistakes.

Plant simple plants in the beginning

At the beginning of the game, you have to choose which plants you want to plant. At the start you don’t have a lot of money or machinery, so plant only simple crops, like wheat, barley or canola. These crops need a standard harvester with a default header and a tractor with a trailer.

Do not ignore tutorials

If you play Farming Simulator 22 for the first time, make attention to the tutorials. In-game tutorials will teach you the basics of farming. You will find out what equipment you will need. How and when, what to sow. How to harvest and much more. Also, you will learn the possibilities of the game.

Do contracts

Contracts allow you to earn extra money without owning your equipment. On the game map, you will find icons with job offers. After opening, you will find information about what kind of work it is and what equipment is required, and of course how much you will earn. If you don’t have your equipment, you can rent it. This will reduce your earnings, but it is still profitable, especially in the early game.

Sell not usable equipments

Choosing the easy game type at the beginning of the game will give you a technique. Some implements you won’t need, so don’t be afraid to sell them. Although the selling price is lower than the buying price, you will get the money you need to develop the farm at the beginning of the game.

Consider renting an equipment

In Farming Simulator 22, as in FS19, you can rent equipment. Although it is often not worth renting, it remains almost the only option when specialized equipment is occasionally needed. This is especially true for the cultivation of potatoes, beets, cotton, grapes and similar crops that require expensive machinery.

Choose one direction of farming

Although at the beginning of the game you want to try everything, this leads to bankruptcy. After starting the game, choose what you want to grow, buy equipment for it and complete the task to the end. Do not rush to try new crops. Each plant requires different equipment, so you’ll run out of money quickly.

Forget about money mods or cheats

Sometimes there is an idea to use the money mod. However, this is a very bad idea. Money mods are only intended for testing the capabilities of the game or for game developers. Using money cheats will ruin the game’s economy and make playing almost pointless. Better play smart and earn money by farming.

Use only high-quality mods

Poor quality mods can break the game. Also, some mods tweak the game’s economy. Use only quality and realistic FS22 mods. Their selection is really big.

Use crop calendar

Before planting crops, look at the crop map. This is an in-game table that tells you when and what you can sow. Follow this calendar for a better harvest.

Use AI workers only for prepared fields

Avoid using AI workers in fields that are not suited for it. For example, if there are trees or electric poles near the field, as well as a road, this will interfere with the AI worker’s work. AI workers only work well in fields that are easy to turn around and that have a regular shape.

AI workers costs

Please note that AI workers do not work for nothing. When you hire an AI worker to perform a task, you pay them a salary. Early in the game, this can be too much of a luxury. To get hired worker press button H.

Before buying a tractor take attention to required power

Before buying a tractor, pay attention to its power (kW/HP). How much power you need can be determined by the implement you will be using. Each implement requires a certain amount of power. If your tractor is too weak, you will not be able to complete the tasks.

Build passive income objects

Build passive income objects such as windmills, solar power plants and greenhouses. All of these facilities make money but require little or no maintenance.

Change game settings

Farming Simulator 22 introduces great options for changing settings. You can turn on/off snow, mud, crop destruction, lime requirement, weeds, traffic, and more. You can also adjust the time speed from 0.5x to 120x. Change days per month or choose fixed month to play. 

Loan from the bank

Like the previous games, in FS22 you have the option to borrow money from the bank. If you want to start growing new crops, this is a great opportunity to borrow money. Most of the time, game loans pay off, especially if you grow crops efficiently. However, we do not recommend borrowing money for tools that are only needed once.

Keep production chains

Product chains have appeared in Farming Simulator 22. Following these chains will not only make you more profitable, but will also keep you focused on a specific goal. So you can forget about distracted farming and focus on the final product.

Build facilities and buildings in your backyard

There is a large selection of additional buildings and facilities that are perfect for farming. You can build a gas station, a water tap, an additional garage, a silo, a shed and more in your yard or field.

Buy new fields

As in older games, you can’t grow crops wherever you want. In FS22 you have to buy a field and only then can you sow in it. When choosing which field to buy, pay attention to its size and location. It is most convenient when all the fields are next to each other. You can also occasionally buy a field that already has crops growing. All you have to do is harvest after buying the field.

Choose your map responsibly

Before starting the game, think carefully about which map to choose. FS22 has three maps: Elmcreek, Haut-Beyleron and Erlengrat.

The map of Haut-Beyleron represents France. The Erlengrat map is located in the Alps. And Elmcreek is the most representative of the American landscape. Of course, you can always consider downloading the FS22 map mod instead of paly in the default map.

Use Precision Farming DLC

The free Precision Farming DLC adds to the realism of growing crops. This DLC adds field research equipment. With this equipment, you can determine the acidity of fields, weeds, the need for fertilizers and more.

Store harvests to sell more profitable

In the game, harvest prices are constantly changing. When you harvest, the price of your crop may drop. In this case, place the harvest in a silo or warehouse and wait for the market prices to rise. When prices rise, take the crop to sell. You can also wait for special purchase prices, which occur when there is a shortage of a certain crop on the market.

Use teleport

Using teleportation in the game will save you a lot of time. Skip the boring journey from point A to B by walking or driving. Select where you want to go on the map and press Visit at the bottom. You can also get into a tractor or other machine by choosing it in the map. At the same time, do not forget to visit interesting places in the game and explore the map before using teleportation.

We hope that these tips will help you get to know the world of Farming Simulator 22 more easily. We wish you a fun game and most importantly we advise you to take your time to play it. This is a slow game and should be enjoyed.