Precision Farming Free DLC for Farming Simulator 22 [DOWNLOAD Available]

The free Precision Farming DLC for Farming Simulator 22 is now available on PC and consoles. Download it from ModHub and optimize the sustainability of your farming operation – thanks to new and improved features like crop sensors, soil types, variable rate fertilizing and your personal environmental score. 

The Precision Farming Free DLC is a project initiated by John Deere and funded by EIT Food, Europe’s leading Food Innovation Initiative. Co-funded by the EU, it is meant to highlight sustainable technology in agriculture. 

New Gameplay Mechanics For More Sustainability

A variety of features based on real smart farming technology helps you to make your virtual farm eco-friendlier and more sustainable: The Precision Farming Free DLC also extends the game by four different soil types and soil sampling, economic analysis and an environmental score for your farm as well as many other new possibilities. 

Crop sensors and various mechanics for dynamic yield improvement and crop care help you to save seeds, lime, fertilizer, herbicide, fuel and, in the end, money. All while reducing the environmental impact. Meanwhile, a new Precision Farming tab in the menu gives you all the information you need to optimize yield and hold control over your finances and the way, you run your farm.

A soil map with special filters shows you the current state of your soil, and every action you take is reflected on the economic analysis overview. The environmental score of your farm indicates how eco-friendly your operation is – calculated by factors like reduced tillage, nitrogen levels, weed control using spot-spraying technology and others. See all features below – follow the links for more info about the respective features.

Precision Farming Features in FS22:

– Soil Types
– Soil Sampling
– Environmental Score
– Economic Analysis & Yield Maps
– Crop Sensors
– Variable Rate Seeding
– Variable Rate Weed Control
– Variable Rate Manure Fertilizing
– Variable Rate Mineral Fertilizing
– Variable Rate Mineral Lime Spreading

New Machines, Tools & Placeables 

Also included in the Precision Farming Free DLC are various machines and tools. That includes the John Deere R732i PowrSpray with spot-spraying technology to get rid of patches of weed, the ISARIA Scout, and the ISARA PRO Active as well as the Kotte Garant PTR 30.000 and other tools extend your repertoire of agricultural tools to run a sustainable farm. Two RTK Stations can be placed on your farm to improve the AI workers efficiency. Find the complete list below.

– John Deere Gator
– John Deere R732i Powrspray
– ISARIA PRO Compact
– Kotte Garant 30.000
– Building with RTK Station
– Shed with RTK Station


Source: official Farming Simulator blog