FS22 Maps

This article decided to FS22 maps mods. Why map mods are important and interesting? How to download a map? We will try to answer these questions in this article.

Farming Simulator maps receive high popularity. Because when a player changes the default map to a modded map, he is changing the whole point. FS games without a good map are not enjoyable. We agree, that default maps usually are very nice and make sense. But these impressions disappear quickly because of a default map just bored after several hours of playing. So, why we recommend looking for map mod.

Farming Simulator map.

When Farming Simulator 22 would be released, you will be able to download map mods. But how to choose a perfect map for your playing style?

Firstly, think about farm size. What size of farm do you like to manage and play with it? There are some rules. If you want to play in a highly detailed map it usually would be a small map. That’s because highly details decrease computer performance. So large maps with high detailed specialties can be played only with a very high-performance PC.

Another factor is what farming machinery do you like. If you like small and light tractors, simple harvesters then better to choose a smaller map. Play with light farming machinery in large maps with big fields would be catastrophic. You will be bored after a few hours of cultivating mega field with old Lizard tractor with 2 meters wide cultivator.

Light tractor for small works – Universal 650.

Also, take attention to map style. Do you like Italian, American or maybe French-style environments? This decision is really important. Most of Farming Simulator players like to play in a map which representative of his country. So, if Italian plays FS, he usually chooses Italian country map mod.

Every map has different crop cultures. Some FS22 map mods have default crops, other maps have new types of cultures. Every new version of Farming Simulator presents new crops, but players always want more. And this problem you can easily solve with mods, mostly with map mods. Better quality mod maps have new crops, which are not usually included. Of course, when you play with unique crops you must download some farming machinery, for example, special harvester.

Finally, we hope to offer high quality and various map mods for you, when Farming Simulator 22 would be released.

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