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Larger Capacity Pallets Larger Capacity Pallets Larger Capacity Pallets

Larger Capacity Pallets v

These pallets replace the production pallets from the base game with a 5x larger capacity and unloading speed to indirectly bypass the pallet limit.

The capacity adjustment only applies to pallets from the base game, pallets from mods are not adjusted.

The changes will only be applied to newly produced pallets.

Pallets considered:
Bread, cakes, butter, cheese, chocolate, flour, honey, sugar, cereal, canola oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, grape juice, raisins, planks, furniture, fabric, clothes, strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, wool, eggs.

– Fixed a bug where some productions did not spawn pallets (cheese, clothes, furniture, olive oil, chocolate, fabric, tomatoes).
– Adjusted mod icon name
– Raised descVersion
– Fixed weight problem of the pallets (now have a fixed weight of 100kg)
– Fixed incorrect unloading speed



How to install FS22 Misc?
Firstly find a mod which you like and want to download. Then download a mod to your PC. Mods are usually in .zip format file. But sometimes it can be in .rar. If a mod file is a .zip format no needed additional actions. If a file is in .rar, then you must unarchive mod with software like WinRar or Zip7. Windows 10 users no need to use software for archives, Win10 itself has a feature to unarchive files.
The next step is to find mods folder in your PC. Usually, it is in Documents/My Games/Farming Simulator 22/2022. Open the "mods" folder and put downloaded .zip archive or unarchived .rar file to this folder.
Last step. Enjoy of FS22 mods!

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