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IBC And Pallets Stack IBC And Pallets Stack IBC And Pallets Stack IBC And Pallets Stack IBC And Pallets Stack IBC And Pallets Stack

IBC and Pallets Stack v 1.5

You can get 16 pallets of either Liquid Fertilizer or 16 pallets of Liquid Herbicide.
Both have store config options to choose how much you want to buy.
Price per Liquid Fertilizer pallet
1 for 3200$ all the way up to 16 at a cost of 48000$.
Price per Liquid Herbicide Pallet
1 for 2400$ all the way up to 16 at a cost of 36000$.

For the following pallets it is also possible to select the number of pallets:
Poplar pallets
Sugarcane pallets
Bonsilage additive pallets
Mineral Feed pallet
Pioneer Seed pallet
Patentkali Solid Fertilizer pallet
EPSO Top Liquid Fertilizer pallet

– Changelog
Moddesc version increased
Added Square Hay bale
Added Square Silage bale
Added Square Straw bale
Added Round Hay bale
Added Round Silage bale
Added Round Straw bale
Added Round Biomass bale
Added Round Cotton bale
Added Square Cotton bale
Added Bakery Box Pallet
Added Boards Box Pallet
Added Butter Box Pallet
Added Cake Pallet
Added Canola Oil Pallet
Added Cereals Pallet
Added Cheese Pallet
Added Chocolate Box Pallet
Added Clothes Box Pallet
Added Egg Box Pallet
Added Fabrics Pallet
Added Flour Box Pallet
Added Furniture Box Pallet
Added Grape Juice Pallet
Added Grape Pallet
Added Honey Pallet
Added Lettuce Pallet
Added Olive Oil Pallet
Added Raisin Pallet
Added Sugar Pallet
Added Sunflower Oil Pallet
Added Tomato Pallet
Added Wool Pallet

– Changelog
Added Wheat Pallet
Added Barley Pallet
Added Oat Pallet
Added Canola Pallet
Added Sorghum Pallet
Added Olive Pallet
Added Sunflower Pallet
Added Soybean Pallet
Added Maize Pallet
Added Potato Pallet
Added Sugarbeet Pallet
Added Sugarbeet Cut Pallet
Added Cotton Pallet
Added Sugarcane Pallet
Added Seed Pallet
Added Fertilizer Pallet
Added Manure Pallet
Added Pigfood Pallet
Added Lime Pallet
Added Forage Pallet
Added Chaff Pallet
Added Woodchip Pallet
Added Silage Pallet
Added Grass Pallet
Added Hay Pallet
Added Straw Pallet
Added Snow Pallet
Added Roadsalt Pallet
Added Stone Pallet
Added Mineralfeed Pallet

– Changelog
Added more color options to silage bales
Added all bale wrappers and wrapping balers with foil color options
Added Round and square grass bales
Organize the file
Added Helm liquid fertilizer and herbicide pallets

– Changelog
All wrapping balers now wrap straw and hay
Added speedy bale wrappers
Added speedy wrapping balers
Added many more foil color configs
Fixed Helm Herbicide being priced wrong

– Changelog
Fixed some pallets not discharging product into trailers
speed up wrapping time on balers and wrappers
Moddesc version increased


Adub Modding ABP Team

How to install FS22 FS22 Buildings?
Firstly find a mod which you like and want to download. Then download a mod to your PC. Mods are usually in .zip format file. But sometimes it can be in .rar. If a mod file is a .zip format no needed additional actions. If a file is in .rar, then you must unarchive mod with software like WinRar or Zip7. Windows 10 users no need to use software for archives, Win10 itself has a feature to unarchive files.
The next step is to find mods folder in your PC. Usually, it is in Documents/My Games/Farming Simulator 22/2022. Open the "mods" folder and put downloaded .zip archive or unarchived .rar file to this folder.
Last step. Enjoy of FS22 mods!

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