Production chains: All products, production plants and connections

As more and more farmers look for additional ways to generate income, Farming Simulator 22 will offer you various opportunities to grow your farming operations. Don’t stop at selling your fresh harvest: If you want more of the capitalism-flavoured cake (made with regional ingredients only), and earn even more from your produce, start a production chain! 

Become a local farming mogul! 

In Farming Simulator 22, there is a total number of 13 different production plants you can not only supply with your goods but buy, own and place on your land, too. Take a look at the graphic to learn more about the dependencies.

So, if you want to make the final product cereal you must grow corn, grapes and oat. From grapes you will make raisins and another final product grape juice. So, to get cereal you must transport raisins, oat, corn and honey to the cereal factory. Here you will make the final product – cereal.

If you more like to make furniture you must grow trees. When you cut trees transport them to the sawmill to get planks. Then in carpentry, you will get furniture and wood chips, which also can be sold.

Another nice product is clothes. How to make it Farming Simulator 22? The scheme is simple. Grow cotton and sheep. From sheep, you will get wool. Transport these goods to spinnery and make fabric. From fabric, you will make clothes in the tailor shop. That is easy!

It much harder is to bake a cake. Who don’t like cakes? Firstly, you must have a greenhouse and grow strawberries. To maintain a greenhouse you need properly watering it. Another need raw material is sugar. To get sugar you must to transport sugarcanes or sugar beets to Sugarmill. What a cake without butter? To make butter you must have cows and extract milk. You will get butter from the milk in the Dairy. Also, you will make chocolate. Then you need eggs. To get eggs you must have chickens. And final raw material you need is fluor. To make flour you must transport sorghum, oat, wheat or barley to the grain mill. To bake a cake is the most difficult process in Farming Simulator 22.

In the game, also, you will be able to make oil from sunflowers, olives or canola.

To make the energy you can transport cut sugar beet, manure, slurry and silage to the biogas plant. Biog as plant produces electricity, gas and digestate

So, whatever is produced in the end, it’s made locally: Whether it’s cheese at the dairy, flour at the grain mill, or even clothes at the tailor shop after the wool has been processed at the spinner.

One of our favourites is the bakery, offering local residents fine bread and delicious strawberry cake. It’s as lucrative as it is tasty, and requires a whole set of ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and strawberries from your greenhouses – we’ll tell you more about those and more, soon. You can be excited