FS22 Trailers

Example Trailer mod

This is an example of a trailer mod dedicated to Farming Simulator 22.

What are the types of trailer mods for Farming Simulator 22? 

There is a lot of types of trailer mods. The most useful trailer for farming is the tipper trailer. These trailers can transport bulk cargo. On a farm, this cargo is most important. That can be grains, oats, potatoes, wheat and much more crops. Tipper trailers can have from one to three axles. Also, they have opening sides. Some tipper trailers can open only one side, another has all sides openable. Another useful trailer in farms is platform trailers. These trailers can transport heavy equipment, like harvester header or harvester with tracks. Also, is special-purpose trailers, like sprayer trailers, manure spreaders, balers.

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