FS22 Harvesters

Example Harvester mod

This is an example of a harvester mod for Farming Simulator 22.

How to choose a harvester mod? 

Firstly, before downloading the harvester mod you must know what crop types do you want to harvest. Farming Simulator 22 has a lot of crop types: wheat, barley, canola, sunflowers, potato, sugar beet, corn, sugar cane, cotton, soybeans, grapes, olives and sorghum. There is no single harvester for all these crops, so every harvester is adapted for some crops. Usually, default harvester mods can harvest wheat, barley, canola, corn and sunflowers. But if you planted potato, sugar beet or any other crop you need a special harvester. These special harvesters are more expensive, so if you just started to play, we recommend starting from simpler crops, like wheat, barley or canola.

Another factor is harvester size. Evaluate your field size and choose a properly harvester with a compatible header.

What harvester brand to download?

In-game absolutely no difference what brand harvester mod you will use. We recommend downloading most liking harvester mod regardless of brand.

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