How to create FS22 mods?

Most Farming Simulator players can’t play without mods. Mods incredibly expand game features and enjoyment. A frequent player thinks about how are made FS22 mods. What tools and what knowledge is needed to create mods. Does it hard or easy? In this article, we answer these questions and doubts.

First of all, to create a mod you must generate an idea. There is a lot of types of mods. Farming Simulator offers mod categories like tractors, harvesters, a lot of types of implements, maps, sounds, textures, special equipment, scripts and much more. Some types of mods are developing more easily, some more difficult. When you decide what mod you want to create, choose the appropriate software to create it.

Software to create mods

Let’s start from the beginning, to create mods you can’t avoid special software. Farming Simulator developers in 2004 released the Giants Editor program. That is a special program to create or edit Farming Simulator mods. With Giants Editor you can do the most important work when modding. FS22 mod creators mostly use Giants Editor for scripting 3D models and including them in the game. The most popular functions of this program are set attributes, edit terrain, create 3D animations, spline editing, scripting and replace dialog. All these functions are decided to Farming Simulator 3D models implementing to the game or edit it.

Giants Editor

Also, if you want just edit a mod, sometimes you don’t need special software. A lot of mods can be edited with a simple text editor, like Notepad. With a text editor, you can change some properties of the mod. For example, you can change a mod price or some simple mod characteristics. Editing mod XML files is the simplest way to edit mods, but that has many limitations.

3D models

Usually, Giants Editor is the last step to create a mod. Before using Giants Editor you must prepare a 3D model. That is one of the hardest parts of modding model mods, like tractors, harvesters, implements or map mods. For that job is recommended 3D software like 3D Max, Maya or Blender. With these programs, you will be able to create a 3D model. We will not expand on this topic, because 3D modelling is separate knowledge. You must start with planning and model carcass creating. Then add details and make it realistic. After that, you will export the 3D model to Giants Editor and start to integrate the process into the game. As we wrote earlier, with Giants Editor you will be able to make scripts for 3D models, add functions and more.

A similar process is to create FS22 map mods. You must have 3D models and then with Giants Editor put everything to their places.


Mods scripting is an interesting part of a stage of mod development. Scripts are code that makes functions. For example, with scripts, you can make tractor engines work, set openable doors, make tractor attachment points, make keyboard commands and much much more. Farming Simulator 22 uses the LUE programming language. So, before making scripts, you must learn LUE basics.

Also, scripts can be individual mods. Some mod developers create mods script-based. For example, money mods or Season settings mods. They are created just with scripts, without any 3D modelling. So, if you do not ready to learn 3D, the best way to start is from FS22 mods scripting.


Finally, every player can make mods. Just everyone chooses mod developing by their possibilities. Some mod developers editing XML files and improve the game, some creating 3D models, including it with Giants editor and expands default game features.