How to choose high-quality FS22 mods?

Like, you know from previous articles, Farming Simulator 22 will support mods. That’s mean that you will be able to download FS22 mods for free for websites, like this one. Farming Simulator is one of the most popular games, which supports by the modding community. Previous Farming Simulator versions, like FS19 or FS17, have thousands of mods created by the community. Sounds, nice, but realistically thinking all mods are not high-quality or playable in general. Some mods are created by beginner modders and released only for testing purposes, another can be released only in Alpha or Beta version and unfinished. However, there is a lot of superb quality mods. So, in this article, we will advise, how to download the best mods, which you will enjoy.

Take attention to mod image quality

First of all, when we choose an FS22 mod, we see a mod image. Before downloading a mod we recommend inspecting images. From an image, we can see a lot about what to expect from the mod. Most often, experienced modders share high-quality images of their creation. Usually, the mod object on the image is fully visible. Not cropped any parts. It is important, because if the mod image is very cropped, then likely is hidden some not nice parts of the mod.

Check mod version

Most Farming Simulator mods have versions. This is a good sign. Professional mod creators set mod version. They doing it because planning to release fixes and upgrades in future. Version format is for example: “1.2.3”. The first number means, that the mod is fully created and finished or if this number is more than one it means the mod is highly updated with many new features. The second number means some bigger fixes and patches. The third number means small bug fixes. This versioning format is the most popular in the world, but sometimes can be different. We will not expand the topic about other versioning, because it is very rarely found in the modding community.

Description is important

Another factor before downloading mod is the description. Read mod description. Usually, in mod description information is provided like mod features, hotfixes, changelog, just some interesting information about the mod. Great if the mod description has details, like mod price in-game, speed, weight, upgrade parts list, engine power and more. These details are important, but about it later on in this article. Sometimes, you find instructions on how to install mods. These mods usually are very specific and default install instructions don’t work. Mostly specific instruction is needed for scripts, some additional software that improves the game. However, such cases are very rare.

FS22 mod prices in-game

After downloading the FS22 mod you can also evaluate the quality. After installing the mod, open the in-game store and try to buy the mod. Take attention to the mod price. Best mods have very realistic prices. That is a very important factor. For example, if you downloaded tractor mod, compare your mod and default similar tractor prices. If mod costs a lot less, like a few times cheaper, then it is a sign, that mod can be of lower quality. If you are surprised, why mod price in-game means mod quality, we have the answer. Professional mod developers set realistic FS22 mod prices. Because if for example, a nice tractor mod costs very cheap it destroys the game economy. The game economy is one of the most important things to keep playing games longer with enjoyment. If you will buy the best machinery and equipment almost for nothing, soon you will be bored of the game and will begin to lack the motivation to play.

Mods features

FS22 mods features are the most interesting topic. Everyone wants to download a mod with a lot of features. Features are nice, but make sure that all of the functions work. Bugged functions can ruin your mood when playing Farming Simulator. Most often, the most reliable mod features are created by game developers. These functions are tested hundreds of times by developers and players. However, we do not want to say, that custom functions created by mod creators are bad. Many developers create quality functions.

When playing with mods, take attention to animations, if they are similar or better than default machinery or equipment, that is a very good sign, that mod quality is fine.


The newest versions of Farming Simulator have a machinery upgrade tool included in the game. This feature allows changing the color of the body, wheels or parts. Also, it is possible to change wheels, rims, engine power, weights and add or change some additional parts. An only a small part of mods has these upgrade possibilities. If your downloaded mod has upgrades in-game, that is very nice.


Do you like the realistic sounds of machinery and farming equipment? Probably, all players want to hear the most realistic sounds. Sounding is the hard part of creating a mod. If a mod developer wants to create realistic sounds, he is usually must record them from a real vehicle with professional equipment. So, if you playing with the FS22 mod and hear nice and realistic sounds, be sure that the mod is of superb quality.


Farming Simulator 22 community releases a lot of nice and quality mods. They are perfect to play the game realistically. However, is some unfinished, lack of quality mods, which is available to download. We hope, this article will let us have an idea, how to separate high-quality mods from bad. Enjoy the game!