FS22 Maps, Graphics, Season Pass & More

Hello, farming fans! Today we will talk about FS22 mods, factsheets, new maps, game graphics and more. Farming Simulator 22 developments every week share some details and more information about upcoming FS22. So, we are glad to share that interesting information with you.

Farming Simulator 22 mods

A lot of people considering is FS17 or FS19 mods will be compatible with Farming Simulator 22. So, developers provided an answer – older game mods will not be available for Farming Simulator 22 without adaptation. You will not use the FS19 mod without any edit. Because in FS22 a lot of things changed. So, likely just the best old mods will be adapted by mod creators for the newest game version. Even the smallest old mods probably will not work in the FS22. But also there is good news, that mod creating will be very similar to FS19 mods. So, mod creators will need just a quick FS22 modding information review to create mods.


Every Friday Giants Software developers share a few facts about upcoming Farming Simulator vehicles or other parts of the game. You can expect pretty regular facts every Friday until the game will be released. Certainly, there will not be facts about all FS machines, because FS will have hundreds of vehicles and various equipment. There will be only Farming Simulator highlights.


New maps

Like you know from our previous articles, the new Farming Simulator will introduce Elmcreek and Haut-Beyleron maps. Elmcreek will reflect American country. Of course, it will not reflect every detail because it is a fiction map, but you will feel like playing a real American map. It is a pretty large map with large fields. Compared to the FS19 map Ravenport, Elmcreek is a much larger and more realistic map.

Another map Haut-Beyleron will reflect France. This map will have a wide river. So, it’s an interesting map in Farming Simulator. Haut-Beyleron is full of European charm. This map is decorated with a European style castle. When playing Haut-Beyleron you will also feel Meditterain style. So, new crop types like olives or grapes are very fit for this map. Map buildings and environment inspired by France border countries: Switzerland, Monaco and Italy.

Every map also will have collectables to spend free time on.


Developers released a long gameplay trailer of Farming Simulator 22 which you can see below. Some people noticed that graphics and shadows are too intensive. Worth notice that graphics and physics are in development mode. So in the full game, it would be much better adjusted.

Another nice news, that modders started to create FS22 mods concepts. So, when the game will be released soon will be a lot of mods.

Also, the Farming Simulator 22 Season Pass is already available to pre-order. With Season Pass you will get three expansion packs. One of the packs will be a huge expansion pack with a new map. And a few expansion maps for vehicles and equipment.