FS22 Harvester mods

This article about FS22 mods, older game and real-life harvesters. Harvesters in Farming Simulator 22 game are very important vehicles, like in real life farming. There are many brands, types and sizes of them. So, enjoy this article and do not forget to come here to know Farming Simulator 22 release date first!

Harvester in Farming Simulator.

What is harvester?

Harvester is a vehicle which can collect grown-up crops from the fields. These crops are wheat, canola, barley, corn, soybeans, sunflowers and some other species. For different species need fit special harvester header. But about headers later. Usually, a harvester is a very big machine, much bigger than a tractor. Because harvester can temporarily store and transport yield.

First harvester made in 1826 in Scotland. It was a very simple harvester, which worked scissor principal. Regardless of old age, this principal is using in today’s life. Can you believe that first harvesters worked without an engine? A lot of harvesters didn’t have engines. Instead, they pulled by mules. One harvester had about 20 mule team to keep working performance.

Harvesters in FS22

Every Farming Simulator game had harvesters, they were included from the first FS game. But they were very simple and had a lack of functions. For example, only from FS17 players can attach any header to any harvester or use harvester mods with a lot of functions. Like, increased grain tank capacity, manual control of header, straw functions and much more. Every new version of FS offers more and more functionality and realism. If players something is missing they can download mods.

Harvester types

There is a lot of types of harvester mods. The most popular type is harvester combine for wheat, canola, and barley. They are pretty universal and one header allows to collect all three crops. Usually, when you start the game, you will use this type of combine harvester.

Other interesting harvesters are forage combines. They can cut grass and collect them. Also, they can collect corn. These forage harvesters are pretty expensive in the game. So you will use them only later when you will expand a farm.

Most complex harvesters mods are potato, beet, sugarcane, and cotton combines. They are very large and have a lot of complex systems to harvest fields. Usually, these harvesters can harvest only one type of crop. So, if you want to grow potatoes, you must have potato harvester. But with this harvester, you can’t harvest any other crop.

FS21 harvester mods
Holmer Terra DOS T4-30 V


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