Farming Simulator 21 will not be released

Hello everyone who waits for Farming Simulator 21. Today we have bad news. Farming Simulator 21 will not be released in this year. Farming Simulator released in a total of seven games. They started from Farming Simulator 2008. After the first game release Giants released a new game every other year. The last release was Farming Simulator 19, which is the newest farming game.

The reason for this officially is that game creators want to wait when new consoles will be released. Quotation: “Good morning farmers!
You may have heard it from various sources already but:
This year, we’ll release three more DLCs for FS19 instead of releasing a new FS title.
The reason for this is, that we want to wait what the coming console generation brings.”

So, we must wait for a news and we will see what new game will release Giants.

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