Completely FS22 Multiplayer guide

In the last few years, game creators introduced a lot of stunning simulator games. One of these is Farming Simulator 19. It is a farming simulator game. But this article not about this old game. We know-how is an important multiplayer in every game. So in this article, we will talk about Farming Simulator 22 multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer features

FS22 multiplayer mode has various features. This mode is conveyed by most of the offline features. A most interesting feature is that multiplayer can be played with 4 friends. It means, that in a server can play most 4 players. We believe that in the near future Giants will introduce 8 players servers. Every player has own bank account, own land, own vehicles and is independent of each one from others. That makes multiplayer so unique and interesting.

Players usually want more realism in past Farming Simulator multiplayer modes. So, own bank account and money managing separated from other players brought more realism. Do you dream about your farm customization when playing online? Dreams come true! You can add new buildings, fence, gates to your own land. Your online friends can also.

Maybe you have a question, what is the point to play Farming Simulator multiplayer if money, farms, fields are separated from each one player. For this question, we have a positive answer. Multiplayer mode has a lot of features that you can enjoy. Firstly, you can sell your vehicles or tools for other players. Do you have some unnecessary tractor? You can offer it to another player. If he will accept, you will sell the vehicle. Another similar feature is to sell fields. When you have a lot of fields, you can sell or give away to other players. It is necessary to mention, that fields are not for sale, now you can buy an entire zone where is included fields, roads, and forests.

By the way, you can compete with your friends. You can expand your farm and see who can earn more money in-game, who will have more expensive and powerful farming machinery and who will make more yield. That is really challenging.

How to play in Multiplayer

Firstly, of course, you need a legal game. You can buy it from Steam or another gaming store. You need a pretty good internet connection. No one wants to play with lag or latency. When you start the FS22 game you must to choose start mode. The first choice is to start with some buildings, vehicles and one or a few fields. The second choice is to start the game without any buildings, fields and any vehicles or tools. When you choose this option you will get much more money than you choose the first variation. So you will be able to buy everything yourself. For players who like more managing challenges, we recommend choosing the second variation.

When you start playing you can work in your fields and grow some cultures, take yield and sell it. Or you can complete some missions. Also, you can work for with your friends. You can help your friend to cultivate, spray, harvest, transport cargo and much more.

If you are multiplayer host, you can use your career map savegame and let to connect other players in your map. Then they help you work farming jobs. After online session save your game and all online progress will be saved to your local career save. After that you can continue to play in offline mod.

So, if you have a lot of farming jobs in your map or you have boring works just create multiplayer connection to your map and let your friends to work with you.

FS22 mods in Multiplayer

If you want to play Farming Simulator 22 online with mods there is a thing to know. All players in same server must have same mods. Best way to share mods with your friends is just copy “mod” folder, archive it and send for your friends with file sharing services like Sharemods or WeTransfer. Then your friends download this archive and paste to them “mod” folder.

Another method is to download all mods from FS22 mods websites. But if at least one mod will be forgotten to download, you will not able to play online. Also, all online players must have the same versions of mods. If you will have mod with version 1.01, but your friends 1.02, you will can not play together.

Bad news if you play with console like Xbox or PlayStation. These consoles support only offline mods. So you can’t play with the console and mods in online server. Another problem is if you play with console and your friends with PC or Mac – you can’t play all in one server. Console players play with another console players and PC / Mac users play with another PC / Mac players.


Finally Farming Simulator 22 multiplayer is nice feature diversifies senses of the game. Most FS multiplayer servers are dedicated for realistic farming game and there you can enjoy serious farming work. Also, nice feature is online FS22 mods. Although there is some complexities to download the same mods for all online players, but the game fun pays off.

What do you like most in Farming Simulator multiplayer? Write in comments!