American map for FS22

Like you know from previous articles Farming Simulator default game will have three maps. Two brand-new maps and one modified from Farming Simulator 19 Alpine DLC. One of the new map called Elmcreek. That is the American style farming map. The new map is still in development so we can show only a small part of it.

Elmcreek is inspired by the US Midwest region and offers large fields and vast open space to build your farms on. Look forward to numerous fields with varying shapes and sizes, authentically embedded in a scenic landscape!

We’re going for an out-of-town charm with Elmcreek. Meaning, there will be rivers cleaving their way through the terrain, underpasses in the hilly areas, even a gushing waterfall and a proper highway – just like in the US. 

There’s your typical out-of-town gas station, huge grain silos shaping the skyline visible from your expanding farmlands and a lot of other buildings. One of the sightseeing highlights in Elmcreek is the baseball stadium – home of the Elmcreek Wolves.

In the distance seen industry buildings. That is probably crops buying point with livestock barn. This building complex is pretty big. Far-off seen a lot of energy windmills.

This screenshot also very interesting conveys an image of this map. Look at large crop fields, which is ready to harvest. Far-off seen some mountains and farming buildings. All buildings are very detailed and realistic look.

Can you imagine Farming Simulator map without a gas station? This is retro style private Gas station. Here you refill your vehicles and repair them in Car service. Maybe there is a car wash? Who knows.

If you read our articles, you know that Farming Simulator 22 will have production chains. If your last task was transport yield to buying point in FS19, in the new game you will can deliver yield to grain mill, then pick up flour and deliver to local bakery. That is an only one example of production chains.

We hope you enjoyed these nice screenshots and information about the upcoming Farming Simulator 22. Also, do not forget that we will provide FS22 mods immediately then the game will be released. On this website, you will find a lot of map mods for FS22.