About FS22 trailer mods

A lot of players of Farming Simulator like to download trailer mods. Because default trailers usually are simple and have only a little selection in-game store. In this article, we will describe the most interesting trailer mods features and interesting facts.

Trailer types

Although trailers seem simple, they have a lot of types and can be very different. One of the most different is the chassis. If a trailer has axles only in the rear they call semi-trailers. These trailers are very popular to transport cargo between cities or other long hauls. Only big farms use semi-trailers. Usually with semi-trailer loads yield from silos and transports to harbors or other bigger yield sell points.

Another trailer chassis type is a trailer type. These trailers have axles in front and in the rear. This is real farming trailers, which tractors can pull. But these farming trailers also have a lot of types specific for different purposes. Not all farming trailers are just for transport cargo. Some trailers can do much more.

Various trailers purposes

A most important function of trailers is transport cargo. But in FS22 and farming life trailers can do much more. There is forage, slurry, manure spreader, header and other trailers. Some you can enjoy without mods, some need to download a mod.

Tipper trailers are the most popular in farming life. They are pretty simple construction and can easily unload bulk cargo, like a yield. Some tippers can unload from left, right sides and back, some others only from the back.

Old tipper trailer mod. FS22.

Another pretty simple trailer type is header trailers. They can transport only harvester header. Sometimes harvesters can attach these trailers on the back of the harvester. These trailers usually are presented like a mod.

More complex trailers are forage wagons. These wagons can not just transport, but also collect the grass or hay. They collect grass and transfer to wagon automatically. These trailers are very useful for large grass fields.

Forage wagon trailer.

Manure spreaders are also trailers. They can spread manure in fields. To load manure in this type of trailer you need a tractor with front-loader attachment or loader.

Auger wagon’s purpose is to re-load cargo from one trailer to another. They have a pipe that collects cargo from own trailer and can transfer cargo to another trailer. This procedure similar to harvester yield unloading to tipper trailer.

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