FS22 Misc

Courseplay v

* Field scanner fix for sharp corners #502
* Small Plow fix
* Island bypass and row angle added #45 and #139
* Pathfinder turn fix #461
* Wait for straw swath before starting turn #437
* More Interface functions for AD (not relevant for Users)
* Mini GUI can now be closed with keybind #501
* Debug menu colors changed #281
* Course generator can now be closed with esc as well
* Headland turn fix #520



How to install FS22 Misc?
Firstly find a mod which you like and want to download. Then download a mod to your PC. Mods are usually in .zip format file. But sometimes it can be in .rar. If a mod file is a .zip format no needed additional actions. If a file is in .rar, then you must unarchive mod with software like WinRar or Zip7. Windows 10 users no need to use software for archives, Win10 itself has a feature to unarchive files.
The next step is to find mods folder in your PC. Usually, it is in Documents/My Games/Farming Simulator 22/2022. Open the "mods" folder and put downloaded .zip archive or unarchived .rar file to this folder.
Last step. Enjoy of FS22 mods!

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